Quality of service

It looks like I’m not the only one to complain about the quality of the services provided by mobile operators.
Look at my previous post “Buying a SIM card has never been so hard!” or Mike’s “Bye Bye T-Mobile“.

Last week I wanted to subscribe to a mailing list offered by TIM in Italy. I filled a form and received an e-mail within a minute asking for confirmation. The e-mail required that I click on a URL to confirm the desire to receive their messages. I did so and saw this error message “We are sorry, the requested page does not exist or is temporarily unavailable”. See it here.

I thought of a problem with my e-mail client (you never know what could happen, when using Outlook!), I copied the URL and pasted it into the browser URL bar.
Same error.

Within another minute I reiceived an e-mail that confirmed my subscription.
So this makes me think that TIM did not prepare a confirmation web page for the service! 😀

While browsing the site to check my online bill, I was redirected to the consumer side of site, because apparently my mobile-subscription is not business anymore (in Italy all types of contracts whether they are subscriptions or pre-paid are divided into business and consumer). I called the customer support and they confirmed it’s a known bug, but don’t know how to solve it. They suggested me to logoff and try again tomorrow.
Too bad the logoff page redirects to ANOTHER “page not found” and does NOT log me out!! HELP! I’m trapped!

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