new CTO for .mobi

Rumors and news run very quickly on the net. I was about to send an email to James to say congratulations and realized that all I have is his “now old address” at ArgoGroup.

So here’s my congratulations message, broadcast directly on the web.

Congratulations to James Pearce (Tripleodeon is his blog), who has just become the new CTO of mTLD.

I have known James for 5 years, I’d say. We had the pleasure (or at least *I* did) of exchanging e-mails both privately and on wmlprogramming for a long time. While his company, Argogroup, has had a device database for years and they had their own testing house, WURFL and mobile development has always been an open argument of discussion.
We met in person about 1 year ago, I’d say. Meeting in person with someone you have “talked” to for years, but only through internet is always strange. Meeting with James has been a pleasure. We often found ourselves thinking the same way so I have a very good feeling about his new position and I am confident that mTLD has chosen a very experienced person who has been around since day 0 of mobiles.

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