Where is Mike?

I feel in one of those movies from the seventies or even better in a cartoon where you see someone entering in a room, someone else is running after him, enters the same room and at the same time you see the first person to exit from another room and so on.

Where is Mike Rowehl?
Where is Dan Appelquist?

Not that I need the 3GSM to talk to Dan, but I joined the PartyStrands to say hi to Dan and meet Mike in person and I missed them! I arrived around 9pm and they were gone, already (or at least I haven’t seen them!). 😦

I got to meet a lot of interesting people. Make a lot of networking. Met people from Italy. We are really everywhere! They say Spanish is the most commonly spoken language and English is probably going to pass it soon, but Italians are everywhere!

The mood is good. Lots of technologists, mobile people and big companies.

Tomorrow is 3GSM first day!

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