Clicking here and there on a few blogs I ended up on Zooppa. It’s yet another social network with a slightly different aim from many others, they suggest a brand and a task and all members are invited to create some video content (a-la TV commercial) and to vote others’ creations. The top voted videos win a prize.

It seems like a really cheap way to get some ideas for commercials. I wonder how much this is really worth as it is not clear to me how much work is done to make sure the videos transmit the correct message to the end user. The communite votes the one they like best, not the one that really transmits the message in the best way which is an important value added that marketing and communication companies should add!

Anyway I’m posting this message for 3 reasons:
1) You HAVE to watch the videos that explain the contests. The guys speaking are certainly Italians and their accent is clear, at least for me! 😀
2) You might actually like it and I’d like to hear comments
3) They declare to be the first Italo-American startup. Actually the oldest I can think of is Funambol that’s been around for WAY longer and I don’t even think that they have been the first one. Maybe Funambol was the first to be a Silicon Valley-based company, so computers and new techology. Zooppa is certainly not the first.

PS: Zuppa (pronounced in Italian just like Zooppa) means soup.

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