WURFL PHP tools Version 2.1 released

Dear WURFL users I am here announcing the release of the PHP library version 2.1 Final (changelog). This release has been sitting there for quite a few months, it includes the patches I received, includes the new debug feature that was introduced in Beta 3 and a few more tweaks.
browser_is_wap has been there from day 1, but in the last year or so has proved to be outdated. The property is still there, but I strongly suggest that you use the WURFL capabilities (is_wireless_device and device_claims_web_support). The property now gets values from the WURFL capability is_wireless_device when available, just like Tera-WURFL. If you want real web/mobile distinction, I suggest you get the web patch.

The only major issue that I fixed is the exact matching that sometimes did not happen in specific circumstances.

I know I had promised to add the multiple patch support, but it never arrived. If you want to implement it should really take something between 5 and 10 lines of code.

This is my last release of the library, as you know I will not be active in the WURFL project anymore. At the same time I don’t see much space of evolution for this library. If you are unhappy with the speed of this release, you should probably give a try to Tera-WURFL, if you are unhappy with PHP 4 and want PHP 5, you should probably re-write it from scratch. For these reasons, I believe this is the last release. If anyone has an issue and wants to contact me, feel free, if you want to pick it up, I’ll be happy to see it keep living. MPL 1.1 gives you the freedom of picking it, just play nice with the license rules.

Hopefully there will not be release-time bugs. šŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “WURFL PHP tools Version 2.1 released

  1. can you clarify the licence please? It appears to by mozilla PL, but there’s also a comment that some parts are “all rights reserved”is the entire wurfl_php under MPL… or something more complicated? Is it opensource?


  2. Hi Br3nda,the code is all MPL, so I’d call it Open Source. Nothing more complicated. It also benefitted from a few contributions. I hope you know how MPL works, if you modify it, then you have to keep it in MPL and publish your modified code with attribution to me for the original source.Anyway I am not maintaining that code any more, I am now running a commercial product called DeviceAtlas which has, among the other things, a much better PHP API.


  3. Thanks Andrea — I’m finding wurflphp doesn’t scale (uses too much memory) so intending to make massive changes to it. – I’m going to start anew in php5, but also copy snippets from your original into mine. Good to hear i can consider it all under MPL.


  4. Br3nda,i know you love Open Source, but if scaling and performance are important for you, you might want to consider the new device database I am working on, that is not Open Source, that is called DeviceAtlas and that provides a very different API with very different performance.


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