Building a mobile device test suite – blog post

When I wrote my first blog post about joining dotMobi and launching a new device database I crossposted on my blog and on’s blog. That seemed OK as I thought the announcement was big, was about work and personal life, from now on, I will try to keep posts that are dotMobi oriented on and other posts (technical and personal) here.

Anyway, since dotMobi, mobile devices and programming in general are so much part of my life, I think it’s OK to post a trackback to the blog posts I make on

This week I wrote an article about building a test suite for mobile devices. WURFL had one, I later started to build a new one for WURFL, again, but never got to complete it. dotMobi will develop a test suite along with the device database, so this blog post is about that.

Building a mobile device test suite

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