RSS feed about user-agent strings

A few days ago, thanks to a suggesting from Tim Cleminson @ M:Metrics, I slightly update the query page at .

First of all I think there was some confusion about the “last 10 user-agent string”. My intention was to show the last unique strings that were stored. This of course creates some problems to users that might want to check their headers, but actually have a device that was already registered on the system. I split the functionality in two, now and you can choose if you want either the last unique user-agent strings or the last that were recorded. I also raised the limit from 10 to 50.
Please note that user-agent strings and the rest of the headers are registered only if there was something new. If you visited the site and the full headers were already recorded you won’t appear as a new header anyway. It’s a rare combination that will happen almost only if you used the same device, the same gateway and so on, but it could still happen. Storing every single header is out of the scope of the site so I have no plans to add that.

A new feature that I added is the possibility to see these latest recorded headers in a nice RSS feed. I also added the convenient buttons to add to Google reader, My Yahoo or Newsgator.
The feeds are cached for 1 hour to lower the load.

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