Dial2Do, not much new

CTIA is definitely approaching and these days I received quite a few press releases and contacts about new products and services coming out.

There’s a new service called Dial2Do, it does not sound like anything impressive nor particularly new, but I have to admit it rang a bell in my mind. I remember when around the end of the nineties Bware Technologies made an SMS service that allowed you to do about the same things. You could write an e-mail, send an SMS to a number of recipients and about anything that was connected to internet. One useful service, at the time, was to ping a remote server and get a reply from the SMS service that would tell you if the site was up. In those days when you were not connected all the time it seemed like a useful service.

Dial2Do really reminds me of that with the difference of voice recognition. Of course this sounds like a service more appropriate to consumers, while our old service was more for geeks.

I have not tried the service, only saw the announcement, so do not complain to me if it does not work. If it’s a great service, let me know. šŸ˜‰

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