Argogroup data is now part of DeviceAtlas

We announced DeviceAtlas back in February and promised that Argogroup data would have been included to our repository.

Well that day has arrived, Argogroup brings so many years of experience that I can hardly think of a company in the mobile space that was around when they started. We have already loaded information for almost 800 devices (adding information to existing ones or creating new devices) and we have a few more updates in the pipe.

This addition brings a lot of value to DeviceAtlas as Argogroup has built a huge reputation on their testing platform (Device Master) which makes it a perfect match for DeviceAtlas and dotMobi.

Visit the official DeviceAtlas site now to get the fresh downloads and if you are not a user yet, I think it’s a good time to get your developer licence for free. Do not forget you need an account (also free) on, first.

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