Testing DropBox

Thanks to Mark Ng I got an invitation to DropBox (I think I have some to share, now) and went through the privacy policy and Terms & Conditions and I think they are reasonable, considering the type of service they offer (you are copying your files to their servers, so they will get them, but won’t disclose to people you do not want to, more or less).

Still, installing a plug-in to Finder that will automatically synchronize files on a remote server is a bit scary. They say I entitle them to see and copy any files from my harddisk to their servers every time I copy them into the “DropBox” and that’s basically THE service, but of course it’s scary to think they have this application sitting on my Mac waiting to copy files remotely.

Also, I wonder if I should use it to exchange files with friends and family or as a remote safe storage for backups? Is it safer than an external HD? I still keep that harddisk in the same house where my computer normally is, so how safe is that? An external HD saves from hardware failures on my Mac, but not from calamities, storing files in a remote site is a better solution, I would think.

On the technical side, instead, I wonder why I need the dropbox software, when I could use webdav.

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