US Smartphone users browse twice the British ones

According to M:Metrics US owners of smartphones (can someone tell me exactly what a smartphone is?) browse the web twice as much as British users.

It is obvious that users who bought a smartphone will make a use that is different from users who bought a cheap mobile device. I always thought Britain was one of the most active countries in this space, anyway.

Interesting how the only site in common is Facebook. No wonder they did an iPhone UI and are getting more active in the mobile space.
No Google? Only No eBay in Britain?

These are the numbers coming straight from M:Metrics.

Top Domains by Time Spent Browsing per Month: United Kingdom

Domain Company Total
Total Total 2:24:58 TheFacebook, Inc 1:44:47 Hutchison Whampoa Limited 1:30:51 British Sky Broadcasting Group Plc 1:15:28 Microsoft Corporation 1:11:06 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) 0:48:10

Top Domains by Time Spent Browsing per Month: United States

Domain Company Total
Total Total 4:37:48 Craigslist, Inc. 1:38:51 eBay Inc. 1:25:41 News Corporation 1:25:13 TheFacebook, Inc 1:24:09 The Walt Disney Company 1:07:04

Also, Mark Donovan, senior analyst, says:

People are becoming increasingly engaged in the mobile medium. Among smartphone users in the United States, mobile browsing has increased 89 percent year over year, and pageviews have increased 127 percent. Consumption is quickly evolving from brief transactions, such as checking the weather or flight status, to time-intensive interaction with mobile Web sites—even without an iPhone.

And Paul Goode, senior analyst, adds:

A primary factor in the discrepancy in the duration of time spent browsing between British and American smartphone users is the relative popularity of flat-rate data plans in the United States, where 10.9 percent of users have an unlimited data plan versus only 2.3 percent in Britain. Other factors to consider are the popularity of devices with QWERTY keyboards in the United States—where nine of the ten top smartphones are QWERTY, while the inverse is true in the UK–and the greater penetration of smartphones in the British market.

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