Sony Ericsson X1 competition

This definitely the year of funding and competitions. There was the Android competition and then the 10M USD fund. There was the iFund for iPhone applications, there was the Blackberry Fund with a stunning 150M USD and now there’s yet another competition from Sony Ericsson. I got a message from David Cushman who claims to have a lead on this, see here: Sony-Ericsson X1 developer competition coming soon. The details are still lacking, but if you are a Windows (Mobile) developer you might consider this interesting, especially if you were wondering if it’s worth starting something.

For many years developers have been locked out of mobile devices, then J2ME came with its sandbox, it was better than nothing, but it was really limited. Over the years most of those limitation went away, but it looks like this is the year of the open development. So start coding, because mobile (web, J2ME and web applications) is where the is money for companies and developers!

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