Hosted apps available on SourceForge

I have started using SourceForge many years ago when we decided to host WURFL there. At that time, the choice was easy, SourceForge was synonym of open-source and everyone who wanted to host his project would go there. Over the years (and after the dotCom bubble burst) many competitors came into play (Google’s Code, BerliOS and more), but SourceForge is still there.

For quite a while my impression has been that they did not add many services to developers. I have to admit that it must be very hard to keep their systems up and running with all the needs developers have, nevertheless the forums, the mailing list and other bits of SourceForge, in my opinion, would have needed a revamp. Of course, being them in the open-source business as a hosting company, it seems strange to develop things in-house and not take advantage of existing software (and hopefully contributing!). It looks like SourceForge agree with me, in fact in yesterday’s newsletter they announced changes in their online help (moving to Trac’s wiki) and most of all the availability of a number of open-source software for use to their developers.

A number of updates are available here on the official Site Status page.

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