Making Super Cache and mobile work well

If you are using WordPress for anything critical beyond your local football team, then you know that the use of a cache plugin is a must.

WP Super Cache is the best known cache plugin, if not the most famous plugin of all. Initially it did not play well with admins that also wanted a mobile presence and it is very simple to explain, the whole purpose of the cache is to generate the file dynamically once, store it and then serve it again without any further computation. As the years went by, mobile became more important and WP Super Cache integrated a basic mobile support. Recently donncha introduced a fundamental new feature, the ability for other plugins to define actions. I will not go into the details of how this works and what you can do, you can read all of it on the WordPress site.

The addition of actions is great for us, because we can finally determine how WP Super Cache detects mobile devices and we can extend it. As a matter of fact, this is what I just did and you can see the changeset in SVN. Expect a release very soon and all you will have to do is simply install the WordPress Mobile Pack. Once you will have installed the WPMP you don’t even need to enable the switch for mobile in WP Super Cache as the WPMP integrates with it automatically. With this combination you will get the WP Super Cache to work as usual for normal browsers and robots (including the Super Cache mode*) and then with the standard WP-Cache implementation for mobile. All this works just fine even enabling the cool Nokia extensions that we have released a couple of months ago.

Go enjoy WordPress with mobile support at lightning speed (UPDATE: we have released a new version of WPMP, read how to configure it at Go mobile with WP Super Cache and the Mobile Pack).

* Note: in order to use the full Super Cache and mobile you will still have to use the rewrite rules for mobile

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