4-years recap

I was doing some cleaning up and tidying up and an item that has been sitting on my todo list for a long time was to move my personal blog from a private hosting to a cloud service. I have had a private hosting (virtual server) for many years, but the reality is that I haven’t used it for 4 maybe even 5 years. I was just too lazy to transition to something else.

As I completed the transition to wordpress.com I also realized I have not written a blog post in more than 4 years. My last post was about starting at Samsung and the first few months. It’s been a great ride, I did many different things and learnt a lot. Samsung is in the past, though.

During those four years I worked on some amazing projects, maybe it’s because it was the first one, but Simband still holds a very dear place in my heart. If you haven’t seen it, it was a power-house of sensors to push innovation in digital health. The watch (admittedly pretty bulky) had multiple PPG sensors, GSR, could read ECG signals and more. All with raw signals available to developers either in the embedded processor or in the cloud. Pretty innovative for 2014! Here are a couple of my favorite pictures (all Samsung copyright!):

After Simband I transitioned to ARTIK, helping the cloud team first and eventually building a catalog of software, services and hardware components that could be used with ARTIK. While ARTIK was meant to be the central module controlling all IoT, it needed a lot more to actually build an IoT product. As of today it looks like most ARTIK properties are down and only a few areas are still visible. It’s not even worth linking. One of my favorite outcomes has been the Kitra GTI, an IoT gateway with everything you can dream of:

So here we are, at the end of 2018 and ready for a new adventure. In October 2018 I joined Kin to continue innovating, but this time with Blockchain.

More articles to come, I promise.

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