Has Nokia run out of names?

Nokia always named their mobile devices with numbers. Most of the times 4 numbers, sometimes 3. In the last few years they started also using letters such as N and E.

Many have tried to find some reasoning behind the numbers, but no real rule was ever found (at least that I know of). Anyway, it looks like Nokia might have run out of numbers. Today, while checking on Forum Nokia I noticed a device that was advertised as new, but did not sound so, to me. A little research on the Forum itself shows that the “new” device is the 3120 classic, but there’s also an older 3120! So why is the new one called “classic”? Shouldn’t it be called “new” or something?

Well, for all of us (OK, I’m the only one) trying to remember all model names, it’s going to be harder now.

PLUG: luckily you’ll find both in DeviceAtlas (Nokia 3120 classic and Nokia 3120).