Voice of the body – behind the scenes of the technology used

In May 2014, after four amazing years, I resigned from Nokia.

Two weeks later I started working at SSIC.

(And if it’s on Twitter it must be true!)

If starting a new job is not exciting enough, on my first day I went straight to the SFJAZZ Center to meet my new colleagues and see them get ready to come out of stealth mode. The day after the big announcement: two projects are announced, Simband and SAMI. The first is an open platform for developers to work a wearable device the second is a data exchange platform. Basically the two hottest topics in technology today. If you are curious the full presentation is available.

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Life is a great adventure

My last blog post was almost 3 months ago, I would not be surprised if no one is reading this any more. Before that I have been blogging very little. Twitter is taking a lot of inspiration, I admit, but also most of my “writing energies” have been focusing on mobiForge. Writing for mobiForge, as part of my dotMobi duties, has been great and offered great visibility, of course. My adventure with dotMobi is about to end, anyway, after more than 2 years it is time to move on. With that, I expect some more time for this blog.

A few ideas are already taking shape, but the reality is that I am going back to the white board and start thinking about new ideas and new projects. They might be in mobile or they might be somewhere else. Of course I think the future is ubiquitous, so mobile will have some space in any plan I will make, but the bottom line is that I will have some time for myself. Some time to think about what is exciting on the Internet today and maybe what is not quite as I would like it to be. From this, I expect some new exciting project will come.

Do you have a cool idea? Do you want to share thoughts? Let me know!

I am still here

I have been quite for more than 2 months and I have to admit I wanted to write this post for a few days now, but never got to do it. You would think that when a lot of incredible and great things happen in your life you’d have a lot to blog about. The reality is, in my case, that blogging went way down in the list. This is unfortunate, on one hand my blog did not get any consistent and interesting updates in quite a while, on the other hand it makes me wonder how important it is. In May, for example, I’ve been using Twitter regularly, then went on holiday and did not use it and when I came back I did not miss it at all. Now it’s been closed for weeks and still don’t miss it. Should I restart using? Yes? No?

I liked blogging so far, so I definitely plan on picking up again. It is hard sometimes to find interesting stuff to blog about and I certainly do not want to start simply re-blogging or writing about things I don’t think are worth. Also, it’s hard to keep up two blogs at the same time, especially since I wanted this one to be a technical one and now I’m also writing more or less regularly on dev.mobi.

So, don’t give up on reading this blog, I’ll write more! 🙂

When computers are not connected in local administrations

Last year, in June, I sold my car. The guy who bought it was French, he came to Italy, we went to the local office of the car registry and made the transaction. They registered that he was exporting the car, took my old plates and threw them away.

Last week I received a letter by the local administration of Lombardy that notifies me that I did not pay the yearly tax for 2008 and that I should do so immediately. At first I thought there might be a problem with the sale I did, but calling the registry (ACI) it was confirmed that my plates have been taken and the car is registered as exported.

What I have to do now is PAY ACI to get a document the proves that I sold my car and fax it to the local administration.

Why can’t they talk to each other? Why doesn’t the local administration check if the car is still in Italy before complaining to me?

Trying out Twitter

I haven’t been particularly interested in micro-blogging. I just think that blog posts are really the minimum that can be interesting. At least, when you write a blog post it is still an article: you think about it, you write it and hopefully read it once or twice before you post. Micro-blogging is about typing short sentences quickly and frequently. I’m sure quality will be diluted. Nevertheless, I am told that “the buzz is over there” and that I will miss important stuff if I am not there.

So here is my twitter account, follow me if you care.

Slave of the globalization

August the 6th was a bank holiday in Ireland, since I was in Milan, I worked.
August the 15th was national holiday in Italy, since I was in Dublin, I worked.

The result is that I have basically lost 1 day of holiday.

I am a slave of the globalization, I move from one country to another and skip holidays. 😉

Get yourself a present

I have purchased a new game in the last few days. It is right for me because it does not require that you play it two hours a day, you can play 10 minutes or an hour and you will still make progress.
I bought its first incarnation about one year ago and now here I am with the second version. If you want to buy something that can entertain you and also make all those little gears in your brain to start rolling, I think that you should buy More Brain Training.

It is easy to pick up, but very entertaining. It is fun. You can play it with friends, brothers, sisters, wives and so on. I think the competition between two or more individuals makes the game much more fun (my girlfriend and I play it every day, of course!).
Last but not least, you get to remember how to count using your mind and not the calculator.