Mobile Web Book

After 10 months of work, a lot of research, a lot of testing, Cameron Moll‘s book is eventually almost ready to go live.

I’m happy to report the announcement from Cameron’s site. The book is really worth reading. The target audience is very wide, all those who are wondering if they should start building contents for mobile or who have started recently.
The book is full of good links, references and suggestions. I think the real value of this book is that it explains very simply what are the problems you might face, some of the solutions and how to get things to work.

Worth the money it costs.

J2ME Guide – Part 1

Massimo Carli recently published a book about J2ME. The book is in Italian, but the good news is that it’s also available online for free. I had also put a link here on the right column, but I’ll take this chance to link it again, here.

Massimo has done another step further and published the first part in English on a friendly site. If you are considering to approach J2ME development and you’re a J2SE developer this is a very good starting point.

J2ME Guide – Part 1