Cingular allStar program

In August 2006 Cingular launched a new program for its develpers’ site called Cingular allStar.

I sent an email and quickly received a reply that they would be happy to list me as an allStar. I received a list of questions and you can now see the replies on the allStar program homepage.

Cingular is a very important operator in USA, we want to give better support to US devices and carriers in WURFL. This is certainly a first step towards that (not to mention all devices that we already list).

The developers site has changed a lot in the last year or so, demonstrating that the company wants to provide better support to developers. Many articles about browsing have popped on the site. This is a great for new developers approaching the mobile space.

Keep it up!

Cingular’s Firefly

Cingular’s Firefly is a mobile phone for kids.

I had seen it a couple of months ago, while browsing around their developer’s site. It really surprised me. I was looking at the picture wondering where the keyboard is. I later talked about it with Charles, my colleague at M:Metrics and it actually turned out that the device sells well, considering its niche market. In two words, this is a phone for kids with a small addressbook where parents store important numbers. It doesn’t have a keyboard, but just a few buttons to answer calls, access the addressbook. It also features three special buttons, on the front 2 buttons to call Mom or Dad and on the side a special “911” number (look at the 360° view).

Now that I look at it I wonder how you will set the numbers in the addressbook. Maybe connecting to a PC?

“Detecting Enhanced Devices” according to Cingular

I was reading an old email from devCentral and found a link that was supposed to described how to detect enhanced devices. It seemed quite interesting.

The passage (seemed more like an FAQ) was pretty disappointing.

I think that parsing the accept headers is not enough, unless you think that a device that supports XHTML is an enhanced device. To me, an enhanced device is a device that supports images, colors and has a big screen. A stylus is a big plus, of course.

WURFL is certainly a much better starting point than simply HTTP headers.