DeviceAtlas is LIVE!

I joined dotMobi in June 2007. It’s been a big step for me, leaving M:Metrics has been a tough decision, but I felt like it was the right thing to do for me for a number of reasons.
The last 6 months have been incredibly busy and I can assure you I spent more nights up writing software than going out and have fun with friends.
Anyway I think it’s been worth, because today we are unvealing a new product called DeviceAtlas. It’s a version 1 software, but this is the result of re-starting from scratch with an idea in our minds, developed after the past experiences. We think it’s a leap forward and we are very excited about the companies and industry leaders that have decided to join us from day 1.

Take a look at it, play with it, and let us know what you think about it. dotMobi also set up a forum for this on


Every year there 1 single event that every company in the mobile space wait for. New services are announced, hardware vendors easily announce 5 to 10 new devices each and journalists eagerly look for some groundbreaking news. It’s the Mobile World Congress (formerly known as 3GSM).

Well, we want to do the same and I think we are going to make it big. It’s going to be that kind of service that if you’re a developer and you’ve been pulling your hair because you can’t get something going for a mobile device, you will be very happy to get.
dotMobi has been keen on providing great tools for developers to make sure they would make their life easier. Well DeviceAtlas is no less!

Stay tuned because it’s coming and it’s running fast!

Can you guess the URL?

Building a mobile device test suite – blog post

When I wrote my first blog post about joining dotMobi and launching a new device database I crossposted on my blog and on’s blog. That seemed OK as I thought the announcement was big, was about work and personal life, from now on, I will try to keep posts that are dotMobi oriented on and other posts (technical and personal) here.

Anyway, since dotMobi, mobile devices and programming in general are so much part of my life, I think it’s OK to post a trackback to the blog posts I make on

This week I wrote an article about building a test suite for mobile devices. WURFL had one, I later started to build a new one for WURFL, again, but never got to complete it. dotMobi will develop a test suite along with the device database, so this blog post is about that.

Building a mobile device test suite

dotMobi’s mobile phone database, what is this?

You might have read the recent press release from dotMobi about the launch of a global mobile phone database. The press release also mentions that I have been appointed as Director of Device Initiatives and this means that I will be in charge of the project, starting from the design and down to the development and launch as a public service.
In the last few years I have made some good experience in device databases with WURFL and worked with some first class people in the W3C’s DDWG. dotMobi seemed like the perfect place to start a whole new adventure to create a new and innovative device database. I have all the experience of the open-source community and the will to make a first class product that can satisfy the small shops and the enterprises, dotMobi is the right place to try to achieve this huge task.

I joined less than a month ago and we are now in the most exciting phase of software development: collection of requirements and design. This is a very critical moment as we need to identify the meaningful use cases for the repository and then design our software and data structures so that they can satisfy the needs. In order to get started quickly, we reserved a meeting room in our Dublin offices, got coffee and cups for all, sat down and spent about 2 days talking about what the existing databases provide, how they are built, what they offer, what are the needs of the community of developers and designers and how we should build a new, revolutionary solution. We don’t want to re-invent the wheel, but we want to learn from past experiences and then try to make some steps forward. When the meeting started everyone had a number of ideas that did not really seem to work out very well with each other. I have to say that after two days drawing on a blackboard, talking, writing notes and sharing ideas, we have come to a very interesting solution. When the meeting started we had all these pieces that did not work very well, but after a lot of work, the dam was open and the river of ideas was flowing smoothly, every piece had found its place and the big picture had a very good shape.
We have now collected the requirements, we have defined the use cases and we are deep down in the design phase, this is the most exciting part of software development. We think that a mixture of Agile and XP programming is a perfect fit for this project, there are some functionalities that have been discussed only at a high level and that will be interesting to see them take a shape while the software grows.

Our desire is to make a few steps in the right direction and create new opportunity for developers, designers and companies in general. dotMobi is perfectly positioned as the company is all about mobile services. and are growing in popularity every day and the mobile phones database will be another quality tool offered to the community.
I am very excited about all the features we have thought so far and I am confident that most developers will be BLOWN AWAY by the software that we are going to build.