Room with a view

Usually when people go on holiday and reserve a hotel room, they expect a sea-view or the country-side, normally something beautiful, relaxing, and everything you don’t get when you open your window at home, in the big cities where many of us live.

I often travel for pleasure, luckily, but I also often travel for business.
This week my usual hotels in Dublin were fully booked, so this is the special view they provided with my room.

I can assure you it’s not an effect of the digital camera, the trains are really about 3 or 4 meters from my window.

Slave of the globalization

August the 6th was a bank holiday in Ireland, since I was in Milan, I worked.
August the 15th was national holiday in Italy, since I was in Dublin, I worked.

The result is that I have basically lost 1 day of holiday.

I am a slave of the globalization, I move from one country to another and skip holidays. 😉