We have eventually reached the final stages of the new J2ME structure in WURFL.
It really took way longer than I thought, but thanks to the guys at Telefonica I+D we now have a tool to import new data an updates from the J2ME Polish files and can of course apply our own patches.

Considering the long time it took I have also added a ton of new user agents and device information. I also have a long queue of UAProfiles that were processed (thanks to Zev’s tools) and are waiting to be added to the main WURFL.
Things are really growing and something is happening. Contributors continue to grow and I receive emails from the stranges places of the world.

The new release will include more than 7000 user agents and 1000 recognized real devices.

What is needed to WURFL to beat the competition? We needed testers and contributions. We needed developers to let us know what they find out about devices. I know that everyone is buying Nokia 6230 and SonyEricsson V800 because those are the ones that sell well, but I also know for sure that each of us has some funky phone and we need to tailor it well in WURFL.

Do you have information about behaviour of Teleca browsers? Know about Samsung and LG devices? These are the information that is hardest to find.
Thumbs up to SonyEricsson that eventually produced a document that details differences among browser versions and names the browser version in the user agent!
FYI: the document name is “dg_browsing_r3a.pdf” and is included in the package named “dg_browsing_mar05.zip”. Any newer version from the SE developers’ site?

If you want to get the latest WURFL, get it from CVS and start testing!

An article about WURFL and J2ME

WURFL on the web. It’s nice to discover that other developers from around the world appreciate your work.

Marcin from Poland sent me an email to let me know that he wrote an article about WURFL and how to build a J2ME download application. He also developed an open-source library for this.

Here you can find the article:

Thank you Marcin for letting us know.
Sorry, the page is in Polish only, I could not find an online translator for the entire page.

new J2ME in WURFL

The new group and capability list about J2ME is now ready for public testing. An updated XML was uploaded to CVS and you are welcome to test it (also note the new device info) and to comment.

I know the data in not yet complete, I’m still working to import all the information that was stored in the old format, but most of the data is in and thanks to J2ME Polish and Telefonica I+D we have a lot of new valuable info!

I need some more time to update the device info, but I still lack the “extra time” needed. Unfortunately we are late adding new devices. If you want a new device to be added and have the basic XML knowledge needed, please send the XML over ready so that I can simply copy and paste it into the WURFL.
Take a peek at the ruby tools that provide an easy method to generate the XML from a UAProfile.