More WURFL jobs

I have written in the past about a job posting in which WURFL was a reason of preference (you can read about it in WURFL means real money).

Now James Pearce, the new CTO of mTLD, has posted a message on the developers’ site blog. .mobi is seeking developers that know WURFL, that have experience with adaptation, mobile sites and have done something outstanding.

If you think you fit or are interested in working with .mobi, you should check out this post, Technical genius sought.

WURFL means real money

WURFL is an open-source project and it has been running for about 5 years now. Initially it was a common effort of a few developers around Europe willing to share some information and save some money from buying every phone on the market.

Later it turned into a very valuable information source for anyone in the mobile space from anywhere in the world.

Today is the de-facto standard for anyone that wants to build a mobile solution in-house.

How much does WURFL cost? It is still entirely free. The main XML includes devices for 1999 to 2006 (and 2007 soon!). The free libraries range from PHP to Java, Ruby, python, .NET, etc. Basically any well known programming and scripting language.

What do you need to start? An idea and One or more programmers to turn your idea into something real using the tools that WURFL provides.

It looks like there’s someone with an idea and looking for an experienced programmer: J. Edgar and associates, a recruitment company. I just found a post about a job opportunity in which WURFL is a requirement!
The yearly payment is not bad at all, 90.000+ dollars. It is not clear to me if it’s US dollars or Canadian. Anyway it seems like WURFL programmers are very well considered.

What’s up?

I have been quite for almost a month here. Certainly not because nothing happened, quite the opposite, too many things happened and I could not find the time to post on the blog.

In short, I joined M:Metrics, if you still did not know it. New consultancy, new duties, new things to see and learn, many things to follow. And all the old ones such as WURFL, of course!

M:Metrics is a company that makes measurements and statistics about mobile devices usage. Many techniques are used and many statistics are generated. This new consultancy is very interesting for me, because my previous experience has a great value for them (mobile devices, VAS development and WURFL, of course) but it is also a new world for me as I have never worked in this kind of company. Most of the times I had to generate simple graphics or CSV files that would be elaborated later. So this is a totally new experience for me as we collect data and then we have analysts generating reports about the usage of mobile devices and VAS.
Device descriptions are really important and this is why WURFL is central in my current occupation. You will soon be able to see the results of my current work.

Among the other things, a new WURFL was released.
It’s been 6 months since our last public release, not because we did not do anything, quite the opposite, we did so many things that we always felt like we could do a little more before releasing. This is a BIG update, thanks to our regular contributors and many developers from around the world we are able to provide a new XML with more than a thousand real devices!

This is not all, of course! The Wireless FAQ is coming back and we will need support from everyone to bring it back up-to-date and make useful. Expect a new launch soon.

What about the W3C? Yes, I know, I am following many things all together, but I can’t resist, they are all so interesting. The DDWG charter is almost completed and we are just refining the last bits in the documents. I will attend the Workshop in Madrid and I am in the Programme Committee, which means that I have to review the position papers and proposed presentations.
I am looking forward to the workshop as we received a lot of attention from many big companies (that I can’t name) and I can tell you that it will be very interesting.
All position papers and presentations will be made public after the workshop, so everyone will be able to read them.

Right now I’m in London in the new M:Metrics offices, 5 minutes from Piccadilly Circus. Today is mostly sunny, so a nice day, considering that it always rains around here! 😀
I will be back in Milan at the end of the week. Next week a few days of vacation, then a week in Milan, then Madrid. This is going to be the busiest summer I ever had!

New opportunities become reality

Tomorrow I’m leaving. I will fly to Seattle and stay there for a week. I will be back in Milan on Sunday 28th.

I will hopefully also have time to read emails and maybe write a little more here.

Funny story
I told my parents about a new work opportunity. I told them I am going to fly to Seattle. They are all excited and happy for me. Too bad I can’t really explain to them what I do. Not because I’m a CIA agent, but because it’s just too technical and too specific. They just know I do “stuff for the phones”. Funniest thing my mom says is “If only you had gone out play with your friends instead of playing with the computer!” (which was a Commodore 64)

Anyway. I’m really excited about this trip, I can’t wait to be there. Lots of new things to do.