Vodafone primofonino

Mobile phones for kids are on the raise.

Vodafone has launched the Primofonino. Not much to say other than it’s super-simple, 3 buttons and 4 nice covers developed with Disney!

This seems to be an exclusive of Italy, or at least I could not find it on the UK site.

More on this:

Edit: I opened saying “for kids”, but the mobiClick seems more for aged users, according to the image on the Orange site.

Edit2: the Primofonino features 2 covers in the box. The three basic buttons never change, but you can pick a cover with 4 quick buttons or another with the full keypad.

Cingular’s Firefly

Cingular’s Firefly is a mobile phone for kids.

I had seen it a couple of months ago, while browsing around their developer’s site. It really surprised me. I was looking at the picture wondering where the keyboard is. I later talked about it with Charles, my colleague at M:Metrics and it actually turned out that the device sells well, considering its niche market. In two words, this is a phone for kids with a small addressbook where parents store important numbers. It doesn’t have a keyboard, but just a few buttons to answer calls, access the addressbook. It also features three special buttons, on the front 2 buttons to call Mom or Dad and on the side a special “911” number (look at the 360° view).

Now that I look at it I wonder how you will set the numbers in the addressbook. Maybe connecting to a PC?