More WURFL jobs

I have written in the past about a job posting in which WURFL was a reason of preference (you can read about it in WURFL means real money).

Now James Pearce, the new CTO of mTLD, has posted a message on the developers’ site blog. .mobi is seeking developers that know WURFL, that have experience with adaptation, mobile sites and have done something outstanding.

If you think you fit or are interested in working with .mobi, you should check out this post, Technical genius sought.

WURFL means real money

WURFL is an open-source project and it has been running for about 5 years now. Initially it was a common effort of a few developers around Europe willing to share some information and save some money from buying every phone on the market.

Later it turned into a very valuable information source for anyone in the mobile space from anywhere in the world.

Today is the de-facto standard for anyone that wants to build a mobile solution in-house.

How much does WURFL cost? It is still entirely free. The main XML includes devices for 1999 to 2006 (and 2007 soon!). The free libraries range from PHP to Java, Ruby, python, .NET, etc. Basically any well known programming and scripting language.

What do you need to start? An idea and One or more programmers to turn your idea into something real using the tools that WURFL provides.

It looks like there’s someone with an idea and looking for an experienced programmer: J. Edgar and associates, a recruitment company. I just found a post about a job opportunity in which WURFL is a requirement!
The yearly payment is not bad at all, 90.000+ dollars. It is not clear to me if it’s US dollars or Canadian. Anyway it seems like WURFL programmers are very well considered.

New opportunities become reality

Tomorrow I’m leaving. I will fly to Seattle and stay there for a week. I will be back in Milan on Sunday 28th.

I will hopefully also have time to read emails and maybe write a little more here.

Funny story
I told my parents about a new work opportunity. I told them I am going to fly to Seattle. They are all excited and happy for me. Too bad I can’t really explain to them what I do. Not because I’m a CIA agent, but because it’s just too technical and too specific. They just know I do “stuff for the phones”. Funniest thing my mom says is “If only you had gone out play with your friends instead of playing with the computer!” (which was a Commodore 64)

Anyway. I’m really excited about this trip, I can’t wait to be there. Lots of new things to do.