Participating at a W3C meeting: MWI DDWG

Today I’m participating to the “Mobile Web Initiative” “Device Description Working Group”.
It’s my first time at a W3C meetings and it’s quite interesting. There is many people from different countries speaking different languages that joined the team to discuss problems of the “Mobile Web”.

I am not going down to the details of the meeting because it has “just started”, but it’s very interesting to be here, meet all this people that have totally different backgrounds and often very different ideas, trying to deal with everyone else’s ideas and backgrounds and trying to find a way to work together.
It’s even hard for me to describe the general feelings that I feel myself, but it’s really interesting. It’s not a conference where someone speaks and the others listen, it’s really a meeting. Rotan from Mobile Away is the chairman and leads the conversation, but it’s nice to see everyone saying his ideas and replying and looking at the expressions of others.

I would like to be able to describe more the people, rather the ideas. Those will be written down on papers later in the months.

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