Battle for Wesnoth

I have always loved strategy games since the very old times. I think I played all of them.

Recently (actually 1-2 months ago I think) I stumbled upon “Battle for Wesnoth”.
Wesnoth is an open-source, multiplatform, multiplayer strategy game. Yeah, it DOES have all these features.

First of all it’s open-source, so you can get the sources and modify the game, if you’d like. There is an active community and while I’m playing with the stable version, development versions already include a few changes in the gameplay and balance.

It’s multiplatform, which means you can play on a Wintel, on a Mac and on Linux. This is great, because I can run it on my PowerBook!

Being a strategy game is not very resource intensive and I could play it on the train for a couple of hours without any problem. It was really great even if I didn’t have space for the mouse so I had to use the trackpad.

So the game is really addictive, I have played only in single player as I need to learn all the strategies and I can’t wait to go online. I have played I think 15-20 hours until now. I started the first campaign (there are 5, I think) and I’m leading the Elves. Later I’ll be able to also lead the Orcs, the Undead and more.
It’s really a classic game, you have a map divided into hexagons, each unit have different movement characteristics, so it may walk a lot or just a little, it may have bonuses when crossing a mountain or may not be able to do so. Each character has its own abilities like using a crossbow, a blade, magic, healing, etc.
The great thing about this game is the simplicity in the attacks and defenses, but at the same time it’s really addictive because you have to slowly consider your attack and movement strategy to protect your units and heal them and make sure to reach your objective.

I don’t want to write for hours about how cool this game is, but I just wanted to say how impressed I am by the quality of this game…. And I haven’t played online or against someone else, yet!!!

You can check it out for free, of course:

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