WURFL update in CVS

I committed to CVS the latest update of WURFL. It’s a big update, it includes many devices that I added myself, many UAProfs imported, contribution from Alejandro Guerrieri about South American devices and contribution from Pau to fix devices without actual_device_root or without brand and model.

We also changed a few user agents removing for example /1.0 in the “default user agent” to make it easier to match firmware revisions against the user agents that we have in WURFL.
This change might break your patches, if you use any.

Please, download and try it and let me know of any problem.
According to the CVS, changes are something like 4567 new lines and 978 removed lines, that is to say, about 1000 lines updated and 3500 added!
actual_device_root are 1293 now!!!

As soon as we are done with possible errors in this update I would like to release 2.0.2 and then we can continue to add new devices.

Let me know about problems that you encounter.

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