Nintendo’s choice for “simplicity”

There’s a new article on about the Nintendo Wii.
Obviously the author likes the Wii and thinks it will be a success. I am impressed and not really sure that the Wii will take the lead as numbers of consoles (and games) sold. I still think that the PS3 will be on the lead. Yes, Yes, there are a lot of bad comments on it, but if you look at the games graphics you will most likely agree with me.
I doubt that the PS3 can have a worse start than the Xbox 360. Do you remember it freezing and getting vertical lines on the screen while playing? I doubt that the PS3 can be worse. But still the Xbox 360 has sold a lot. So the Xbox and the PS3 are going to fight on the graphics and CPU power. The Nintendo Wii HAD to be different in some way. They don’t want to get into the CPU power war, they have younger players to feed with games such as Pokemon (why not!) and so they went for an innovative path. According to the article Sony and Microsoft are already trying to catch up, but of course Nintendo has at least 1 year advantage.

I have recently purchased the NDS with Brain Training (Brain Age in some countries), of course. The use of the pen is fundamental. The game would not be the same without it. I am also about to buy more games and I WANT them to be somehow innovative and using the pen.

For the same reasons, I think the new controller (Wiimote) will give a boost to the Wii and I really hope they can provide a number of games to use it smartly. Check out GameSpot or other gaming sites to read about the games that should come with the Wii. The article already names a few, but GameSpot also provides video’s.
Look at the new Sonic game and the video (on GameSpot). How many times you played a driving game and while trying to steer you actually tilted the controller? I do it all the time!!

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